Feb 28, 2011

First Day. I Need My Monster

     I've decided to read at least a picture book a day for the next year.  I read every night to my 4 year old son and I have found myself in the middle of a new love affair with picture books.  I think about them long after the lights are turned off.  It has made me think that my dream of writing for children needs a kick in the butt.  That kick comes in the form of this blog.
     I will not only read but write about each book as a way of immersing myself in the world of children's literature.  There will be one picture book added each day, and in those days when I also finish a YA Book, I'll include that one too.
     So here it goes! Best place to start will be with my son's current favorite book:

I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll.
Illustrated by Howard McWilliam.
Year: 2009

     This beautifully written and illustrated book puts on a hilarious twist to the idea of monsters hiding under the bed. Ethan is a boy who discovers that his monster, Gabe, has gone on vacation.  He spends the night dealing with substitute monsters.
     I love the sense of humor. The dialogue flows with ease and you can really "hear" the different voices and tones of its characters.
     It is a fantastic read aloud!  I have so much fun creating all the voices for the different monsters that I'm finding myself grabbing the book even before Santiago asks.


  1. I still remember Naty when she was a little girl doing different voices while reading stories. I did love listening to her. Now her kids have that privilege!

  2. I will have to check this one out....my 1 and 3 year old get about 3 books a night and sadly i sometimes get bored of the same old same old

  3. Daver, this is one of the few books I can say I don't mind reading over and over again.