Mar 14, 2011

Art & Max

 Art & Max

Art & Max by David Wiesner
Illustrated by David Wiesner

     David Wiesner's books are all works of art.  Literally. It's hard to pick which of his books I like best: Flotsam (amazing), Tuesday (hilarious), Free Fall (mesmerizing)...the list goes on an on.  So I decided to write about his most recent one, Art & Max.  As expected from Wiesner, his illustrations are beautiful.  But unlike his other books were the text is a distant second to the illustrations, this time around in Art & Max, the story and dialogue is also at the forefront.
     Arthur is an artist and Max just wants to learn how to paint.  From the start, Max causes all kinds of trouble, from misunderstandings to a complete break down of words and art (and Art!).  Art and Max is a blast.


  1. David Wiesner is astoundingly good. Adults who aren't around children don't know what they're missing! This and your last entry--Mordecai Gernstein's 'A Book'--are two of my favorites.

  2. Lars, I agree with you...adults are missing out on authors like Wiesner and Shaun Tan. I keep "pushing" them on all my friends!
    By the way, I saw on your list "The Return of Freddy Legrand" and I want to thank you for introducing me to the book. The illustrations brought back memories of Tintin (one of my childhood favorites)