Mar 23, 2011

Born to Read

Born to Read by Judy Sierra
Illustrated by Marc Brown

     Little Sam was born to read.  As a baby, he saw his name spelled above his crib and just knew "My name is Sam. I'm born to read. I know I am."  As the years go by he becomes a super reader, reading everywhere about everything.  Born to Read is a great book to share with your favorite little reader.  It's about the love and power of reading.  While the story jumps around a bit, the main point is "Yes, readers can go anyplace!"
     Kids will love recognizing some of their favorite books in the hands of Sam.  My son wouldn't let me go on to the next page until he could point out all the books he knew, " 'Cause I'm also a good reader Mom!" Gotta love four year olds...what they don't know, they just make up...

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