Mar 27, 2011

The Curious Garden

The Curious Garden

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown
Illustrated by Peter Brown

     In a dreary city, with no gardens or trees, a little boy named Liam decides to go outside and explore.  He finds a stairway leading up to abandoned train tracks, where he finds a little "patch of color", a group of wildflowers and plants in dire need of attention.   Liam decides to help the plants and becomes their gardener.  The garden begins to thrive and expand along the train tracks running throughout the city.
     In The Curious Garden, Brown's beautiful illustrations complement a wonderful story about how one boy can help nature transform a whole city.  The story is inspired by an actual garden that sprouted along abandoned train tracks in New York City.  The book will awake the desire to go out and help the environment in all young gardeners.

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