Mar 18, 2011

The Giant Ball of String

The Giant Ball of String

The Giant Ball of String by Arthur Geisert
Illustrated by Arthur Geisert

     The pigs from Rumpus Ridge are very proud of their ball of string.  It's the biggest one in the world and people from all over come to see it.  One day, during a big storm the ball is washed away down the river to the town of Cornwall.  The Cornwallers take the ball of string and claim as their own.  But the Rumpus Ridge pigs have a plan to get it back...
     The Giant Ball of String shows the importance of being resourceful and ingenious as well as the strength that comes from teamwork.  Geisert plans like a Mousetrap designer and we get to enjoy discovering all the details of the pigs' plans through his illustrations.
     The illustrations give a beautiful portray of village life and will provide many opportunities to find new details during each read.

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