Mar 31, 2011

Natalie & Naughtily

Natalie & Naughtily

Natalie & Naughtily by Vincent X. Kirsch
Illustrated by Vincent X. Kirsch

     Natalie & Naughtily Nopps are twin sisters that live in house on top of a department store their family owns.  The two sisters might look alike, but they are very different. Natalie is more practical, while Naughtily is more out-there.  On a very busy day at the store, the  twins decide to help and so begins a busy day that will take them one floor at time throughout the whole store.
     The illustrations are very detailed and it's easy to get lost in the drawings for each level inside the department store.  It becomes a whole world to explore.  Natalie & Naughtily brought back memories of spending the day at the large department stores in Madrid.  I think it would be a great read to share with the kids after visiting one of the large department stores in the city. 

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