Apr 30, 2011

Kitten's First Full Moon

Kitten's First Full Moon

Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes
Illustrated by Kevin Henkes

     I've read every Henkes book out there.  I love Sheila Rae, the BraveA Weekend with WendellChrysanthemum, ... I could keep going.  But there is just something extra special about Kitten's First Full Moon.  Maybe is the black and white illustrations, or the fact that, unlike his other books, this one has a kitten and not a mouse as a main character.  Whatever the reason, this is a book that I just knew I had to own. The illustrations are gorgeous!
     It is kitten's first full moon and when she sees it she thinks, "there's a little bowl of milk in the sky."  She does everything she can to try to reach the bowl of milk in the sky, but no luck.  She gets stuck up in a tree, alone and scared.  She finds an even bigger bowl of milk when she sees the moon's reflection on a lake.  So she ends up wet and cold.  Thankfully, little kitten's luck changes when she finally gives up and goes home to find a bowl of milk of her own waiting for her in the porch. "Lucky Kitten!"  Sweet, beautiful, perfect.

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