Apr 25, 2011

Little Chicken's Big Day

Little Chicken's Big Day

Little Chicken's Big Day by Jerry Davis and Katie David
Illustrated by Katie Davis
Ages 1-4

     Little Chicken lays comfortably in his egg shaped bed.  "Rise 'n' Shine!" says Big Chicken, his mama.  This is the first in a list of commands mama proceeds to give Little Chicken. "I hear you cluckin' Big Chicken," says Little Chicken.  The orders keep coming and we see Little Chicken giving Big Chicken an annoyed looked from his egg shaped car seat.  And mama is in a rush! So much so that she hasn't even had time to tie Little Chicken's red high-tops (coolest shoes ever owned by a chicken!). As she runs, Little Chicken falls behind and get distracted by a butterfly.  Suddenly he finds himself alone, but thankfully he can hear mama singing out for him. "I hear you cluckin', Big Chicken!" says our relieved Little Chicken.
     I loved this book, but more importantly, my four year old LOVED it too. He said "Mami, that's so cute! It was scary because he got lost, but look how happy he got when his mama found him!"  Cute is a good word to describe the book.  The illustrations are adorable!  I really appreciated the change in perspectives to show how big adults look from the point of view of children.  I also liked the image of Little Chicken's red high-tops and Big Chicken's red heels -especially when he finds mama again and we see Little Chicken wrapping his wings around mama's legs.  Finally, the image of Big Chicken and Little Chicken having story time at the end of their hectic day, makes it a great bed time read-aloud.

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