Apr 23, 2011



Otis by Loren Long
Illustrated by Loren Long

     Otis is a tractor. He's a hard worker, but once work is over he loves to run around the fields, jump over haystacks and play ring-around-the-rosy.  Every night he heads back to a little stall inside the barn where he goes to sleep.  A little calf moves into the barn and finds in Otis's sweet sounds of putt puff puttedy chuff, a lullaby that makes her feel safe and loved.  They become inseparable, day and night.  That is until the farmer buys a brand new tractor and kicks Otis out of the barn.  Feeling abandoned and useless, Otis lets weeds cover his tires and calf can't convince him to play and, even worse, can't get him to purr her to sleep.  But when calf gets stuck in the Mud Pond, nobody can save her but Otis.
     I can't say enough about Otis.  It is simply a beautiful book.  The story is powerful and the illustrations in gauche and pencil are gorgeous.  It's poetic and unforgettable.  I have definitely found a new book to add to my list of favorites.  

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