Apr 2, 2011

Space Boy

Space Boy
Space Boy by Leo Landry
Illustrated by Leo Landry

     Space Boy is the story of a kid who cannot fall asleep because his house is just too noisy. His baby sister is crying, his dog is barking, and his parents are listening to the radio. Too loud!  So Nicholas decides to pack up a snack, get on his rocket and fly to the moon.
     My son absolutely loves this book.  He found so many parallels between Nicholas and himself: "Mommy, my baby sis is also too loud, and the TV is too loud, and I love the moon, and I make lists, and, and...."  You get the idea.  The story is very sweet and lets kids explore the idea of spending time in the moon.  What would you bring? What would you do? Would you come back to Earth right away? This is a book for all those kids obsessed with space and all of us wanting to escape every once in a while.

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