Apr 4, 2011

Traction Man is Here!

Traction Man Is Here! by Mini Grey
Illustrated by Mini Grey

     My son has already entered the superhero stage.  For him, life right now is all about figuring out who the good guys and the bad guys are.  (Funny story here...we were watching the Sound of Music and he decided the nuns had to be the bad guys since they wear black like Darth Vader).  The best part of this stage is to hear him making up all sort of stories and taking his toys on crazy adventures around the house.  Traction Man Is Here! is able to capture this imaginative play perfectly.
     Traction Man is a play action figure with all sorts of outfits and equipment to explore the world out there.  The boy who owns him, puts him through all kinds of challenges and adventures, where everyday household items, like pillows and rags, become villains.  Together with his loyal pet Scrubbing Brush, Traction Man defeats Mysterious Toes, searches the Lost Wreck of the Sieve, and frees The Dollies from Wicked Professor Spade.  But then the boy's grandmother knits our hero an all-in-one green romper suit with a matching bonnet...how will Traction Man overcome the embarrassment? How long will he have to wear it?
     Traction Man Is Here! is lots of fun to share with your creative and hero loving kids.  The illustrations are wonderful -the image of Traction Man wearing the knitted green romper and bonnet is priceless!  This is one of those books we'll read many more times at home.


  1. Hi Natalia, I love how you are reviewing a picture book each day. Traction Man sounds like one my son would love. If you get a chance visit our website encouraging adults to read with children.

    ~ Lauri Chandler

  2. Thanks Lauri! I really like your website as well. Great resource. By the way, Traction Man has a follow up called Traction Man Meets Turbo Dog, which my 4 year old loves!

  3. Traction Man was a solid hit with two young readers I work with...and with me! That sent me off on a Mini Grey investigation. It look like you went on one, too. She's fabulous!

  4. @Lars. I definitely went on a Mini Grey investigation! I think I've read all her books up to now...When I find a book I like, I tend to read everything else out there by that author. It happened with Peter Brown and Jon Agee as well.