Apr 17, 2011

Waking Beauty

Waking Beauty

Waking Beauty by Leah Wilcox
Illustrated by Lydia Monks

     We know what we are supposed to do if we find a princess sleeping in a tower, right? Kiss her, of course.   But what would happen if Prince Charming doesn't know. Well, he would do what any normal person would actually do...try to wake her up by screaming, jumping on her bed, splashing water in her face, and even shooting her out of a canyon.
     Waking Beauty is a very funny retelling of Sleeping Beauty.  I really enjoyed seeing Prince Charming as a real person who would try the normal ways of waking the princess up.  And even after finding out he's supposed to kiss her, he hesitates because "One hundred years of morning breath. Wow! That could be the kiss of death!" Hard to disagree with him.  There is also a final twist once the princess wakes up which will make every girl laugh out loud -even the princess-pink-obsessed type of girls.  I read somewhere that fractured fairy tales are going to have a big year. Bring it on!

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