May 25, 2011

The Secret Box

The Secret Box (Lehman, Barbara)

The Secret Box by Barbara Lehman

     Today at work, I had a conversation with a fellow ESL teacher about the power of wordless picture books.  We are both fans and have used them in our classrooms as teaching tools.  Wordless books are a wonderful source of writing starters, sequencing activities, descriptive writing and class discussion.  And of course, there are usually stunningly illustrated.  That's definitely the case with The Secret Box.
     A young boy waring knickers hides a box.  The box is hidden under the floorboards of a school's attic for decades until three kids discover it.  Following clues and a map they find inside the box, they find a path leading them to a magical place in a pier.  The Secret Box is a surreal story about time travel.  Lehman's illustrations are beautiful and captivating.  Kids and adults alike will enjoy flipping back and forth between pages to discover the changes in the landscape of a city as well as the little details that uncover the mystery of The Secret Box.

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