May 20, 2011

What Pet to Get?

What Pet To Get?

What Pet To Get?by Emma Dodd
Illustrated by Emma Dodd

     Jack had an idea, he wanted a pet.  So he asked his mom if he could have an elephant. Not very practical. What about a lion? Well, too hungry and he might attack the mailman. A polar bear?  He won't really enjoy the central heating. A T-Rex? Extinct. A giraffe? A bison? A Shark?  Too exotic.  How about a puppy?  So Jack and his mother go to the pound to pick a new puppy...who turns out to be gigantic.
     What Pet To Get?is a fun book to read aloud to the little ones.  They'll love the silly situations created by Jack's pet ideas.  The illustrations highlight the crazyness of trying to have polar bears, elephants and even bisons as pets in the city.  The final picture of the dog is a fold out with ads to the drama and hilarity of the final resolution.

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