Jun 1, 2011

How to Get a Job by Me, the Boss

How to Get a Job...by Me, the Boss (How To Series)

How to Get a Job...by Me, the Boss by Sally Lloyd-Jones
Illustrated by Sue Heap
Ages 4-8

     The Boss is ready to give us some well thought out advice on how to get a job.  OK, so the Boss might not even be out of first grade yet, but she definitely knows what she's talking about. She knows the definition of a job, "A Job is so you can have something to do and get money for your family. And sometimes a Job is so you can get all dressed up and wear your new shoes to work."  She knows what isn't a Job: "Sitting in you chair eating cookies (school is a sort of job because you do homework. Except they don't pay you ANY MONEY.)" She also has plenty of hilarious advice as to the jobs you could have when you grow up:  a Super-Ballerina-Soccer-Mermaid-Fairy Princess, a Cowboy or Explorer and even a Penguin "but that's just silly."  "Except you shouldn't be a Robber. It's not allowed."  The most important advice the Boss has though, is to do something that you love and "something you're GOOD at or no one will want you to do it for them."
     If I tried to describe all the parts I liked of How to Get a Job...by Me, the Boss, this will be a very long blog entry. My favorite, and I know I'm being bias here, is the Boss's description of the job of a teacher:

If you are a Teacher,
first you need to find some kids
and make them all come to your School
and Behave.
Teachers MUST know all the answers
and how to be NOT BORING.

          How to Get a Job...by Me, the Boss is delightful, clever and funny.  It's a great classroom read-aloud with great vocabulary and hilarious illustrations.  I can't wait to check out the other books in this series.



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