Jun 28, 2011

In the Small, Small Pond

In the Small, Small Pond

In the Small, Small Pond by Denise Fleming

     In the Small, Small Pond "wiggle, jiggle, tadpoles wriggle."  Other animals in the pond waddle, hover, shiver, drowse,  lunge, splitter, scatter, twirl, sweep, dip and flip. It's surprising how many inhabitants live in the small, small pond and makes the young ones wonder how much more could they find out there.
    This a a beautifully illustrated picture book with fantastic vocabulary.  It's lines flow and rhyme, helping the youngest learn the new words with ease.  It's  also a great introduction to nature and the outdoors.  I have to say that at first I thought it's vocab was too advanced for the youngest kids but I found my son was mesmerized by it's flow and even when months go by without reading it together, as soon as we pull it from our bookshelf he's back to reciting the whole book.

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