Jun 20, 2011

It's a Book

It's a Book

It's a Book by Lane Smith

     Monkey is reading a book.  Jackass is pestering him with questions about it. "How do you scroll down?" asks Jackass. "You don't. I turn the page. It's a book" answers Monkey.  But Jackass just doesn't get it.  What follows is a hilarious exchange between the patient Monkey and Jackass.  Jackass, who's carrying a laptop and is obviously tech savvy, wonders if the book can blog, or text, or tweet, or wi-fi, or if it needs a password. "No. It's a book."  Finally, Monkey just hands him the book and Jackass spends hours reading the book.  As Monkey heads to the library to get a new book -since Jackass won't give it back to him- Jackass holds up the book and says "Don't worry, I'll charge it up when I'm done!"  Monkey's reply is priceless...
     I had checked out It's a Book from the library, but I fell in love with it so I had to go out and buy it for my collection.  I don't get tired of reading it out loud and sharing it with every adult that will care to listen.   Just make sure you're comfortable using the word Jackass repeatedly.  Smith's illustrations are quirky, funny and endearing.  It's a Book is now on my bookshelf of favorites.   

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  1. Are you thinking about buying a new house? It seems that your favorites are increasing day by day. BTW,I do not care about sleeping on top a bunch of books :P