Jun 30, 2011

Math Appeal

Math Appeal (Mind-Stretching Math Riddles),

Math Appeal (Mind-Stretching Math Riddles) by Greg Tang
Illustrated by Harry Briggs

    Math Appeal is a collection of rhymes/riddles, each one posing a different math problem to solve.  The riddles are challenging and fun.  Greg Tang wrote Math Appeal as a way to make math fun and engaging; he believes "language and art are the keys to make math more meaningful to children."  Each riddle encourages thinking outside the box and finding creative ways to solve math problems.  The illustrations are an essential part of the riddle and add clues to solve the problems.
     Math Appeal is a great book to read at home with kids 7-10 years old, as well as a perfect addition to the math classroom library.  At the back of the book you can find all the answer and explanations to each riddle.  Read it cover to cover or work on one riddle a day, either way, you'll enjoy it.

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