Jul 6, 2011

A Pet for Petunia

A Pet for Petunia

A Pet for Petunia by Paul Schmid
Ages 3-7

     Petunia really, really, wants a pet.  The problem is that she doesn't want any pet, not a regular, classic pet anyway, like a cat or a dog...she wants a skunk.  Why? Because she doesn't just like skunks, she loves them: "they have cute little noses", "big black eyes," they're "black and white and they have STRIPES!"  For Petunia, skunks are "perfectly awesome."   As you can imagine, her parents want nothing to do with Petunia's pet wish.  She can beg and look as cute as she wants, she won't get a skunk. "Why not?" she asks.  "They stink," say her parents.
     After this statement from her parents, Petunia looses it and gives an intense (and hilarious) speech complaining about the unfairness of their negative response.  It really sounds like it's coming out of a five year old's mouth.  The font starts really big and gets progressively smaller as she runs out of steam and decides that she must "naturally" leave home, because "a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do..."  Funny enough, who should Petunia come across while running from home in the forest but a skunk.  "And with a gasp, Petunia smells the worst smell she has ever smelled in her whole entire life."  She runs back home and decides her stuffed animal skunk will be good enough pet for her...until she sees a porcupine.      
     Petunia is adorable.  Her little purple striped outfit matches perfectly with her love for the striped skunk (maybe I'm just glad to see a girl loving purple instead of pink).  The text flows and the changes in font style and size make it a great guide for a read aloud.  I hope to see more of Petunia.

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