Jul 28, 2011

Something Might Happen

Something Might Happen

Something Might Happen by Helen Lester
Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

     "Twitchly Fidget trembled all over. No, nothing had happened to him. But it might."  Twitchly, the lemur, was afraid of everything.  He didn't eat cereal because the crunchy noise might startle him and cause him to jump and hit his head.  He  was afraid of putting on sneakers because if he put them on the wrong feet he might walk cross-legged for the rest of his life.  His house had no door, no windows (so no-one could get in), and no roof (because a roof could cave-in).  His friends kept trying to convince him to go out and play but he was too afraid or what might happen.  When his Aunt Bridget Fidget comes to visit, she forces Twitchly to face his fears and he realises that it's not as bad as he thought.
     Something Might Happen is quite witty.  The illustrations help create a quirky character who's fears have kept him from truly enjoying himself.  It's a great read aloud, full of humor and with a character a lot of young kids, afraid of being independent, will relate to. 

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