Aug 23, 2011

The Big Elephant in the Room

The Big Elephant in the Room

The Big Elephant in the Room by Lane Smith

     "Can we talk about the big elephant in the room?" says one donkey to his friend.  His friend is wondering what he means by the big elephant and starts confessing all types of incidents that might have upset him: is it the fact that he ate all the ice-cream? or that he hadn't return a video game? or maybe the time when he ran away and left him to deal with a bully all by himself? or "that you said it was okay to 'go' in the pool? So I did. A lot."  Nope. He was really asking about the real elephant that was actually sitting on the couch. "Oh, that big elephant! That's Stanley."
     The Big Elephant in the Room is hilarious.  The situations that the donkey describes are really funny and the pace of the jokes keeps increasing until it reaches the climax when we actually see a real elephant in the room.  Smith's illustrations are always cool.  Overall, great read aloud. 

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