Aug 25, 2011

Jake Starts School

Jake Starts School

Jake Starts School by Michael Wright

     Jake woke up his first day of school with his dog Fred licking his eyes. He got ready and put on his favorite shirt. His mom packed his lunch bag and included two heart-shaped cookies for dessert. His parents drove him to school and everything was going according to plan, that is until Jake froze in front of his classroom door and refused to walk inside. "He grabbed his parents at the knees and would not let them go." His teacher, his parents, and even the school nurse, tried to pry Jake off but to no avail. The teacher decided that the only thing to do was for them (Jake, his mom and dad) to come to class. The three of them had to share one seat, and with his arms wraped around his parents's legs, Jake couldn't paint, or play with other kids, or ride the tricycle, or climg the jungle gym. It was almost the end of the school day and his teacher told the class that she was going to read aloud a book about a dog named Fred. From the back of the room, Jake raised his hand and said "I have a dog. His name is Fred." His teacher smiled and asked Jake to join her in the front of the classroom and hold the book for her while she read it. "That's when Jake let his parents go and felt some relief." The more she read, the more Jake loosened up and "inside, he felt good." And when the bell rang he gave his teacher his last cookie.
     Jake Starts School is a great book to read aloud to kids who are about to go to their first day of school. It's funny and tender. I love the teacher's character and the whole page bright illustrations are delightful. Great back to school book

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