Aug 28, 2011

The Shivers in the Fridge

The Shivers in the Fridge

The Shivers in the Fridge by Fran Manushkin
Illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky

     The Shivers are freezing!  There's Papa Shivers, Mama, Grandpa, Grandma and little Sonny.  They live inside a fridge but they don't know it.  All they know is that there are some monsters (people's hands) that cause earthquakes and make things (produce) appear and disappear. One by one, all the Shivers go out to explore and are taken by the "monster". The last one remaining is little Sonny Shivers. "I'm going to face those monsters and make them give my family back!" Sonny waited and waited until at last, an earthquake stroke and a monster's hand pulled him out of the fridge.  The monster, a human boy, says "Mom! Look what I found! The last magnet!" As Sonny was placed on the fridge's door, he enjoyed a "warm reunion" with his whole family; all the magnets enjoyed their new view knowing they'll never shiver again.
     The Shivers in the Fridge is quirky, a bit dark, and definitely fun.  The illustrations are great and help kids figure out what's truly going on.  They are filled with details to be enjoyed over multiple readings. Can you figure out how the Shivers ended up in the fridge?

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