Sep 24, 2011


Bedhead by Margie Palatini
Illustrated by Jack E. Davis

     Oliver woke up and brushed his teeth.  Then he looked at his reflexion in the mirror and was shocked to find he had a horrible case of bedhead.  There was hair going in every direction, up, down, left, right...there was even one "clump of hair way at the back of his head that looked just like a cat's coughed-up fur ball."  His mom, dad and sister tried to help him, but no matter what they tried, nothing worked.  After many attempts to get his hair under control, Oliver ends up putting on his baseball cap and heading to school.  The baseball cap would have been the perfect solution, except for the fact that he has to take it off as soon as he gets to school because today is...picture day.
     Bedhead is a great read aloud.  The hilarious illustrations, the repetition of phrases, and the onomatopoeias, will keep the kids entertained and coming back for multiple reads.


  1. This sounds fun! I'm always on the lookout for books to read aloud. Thanks for the review; I'll look for it today.