Sep 15, 2011

Darkness Slipped In


Darkness Slipped In by Ella Burfoot

     "Daisy was thinking of a game to play when Darkness slipped in at the end of the day."  She was inside her bedroom, playing around and dancing, too distracted to notice Darkness coming in through the window and spreading out on the floor. "Pretending he wasn't there, he slid along the wall. But Daisy had seen Darkness and she wasn't scared at all."  Darkness took over the room and covered up the light, but Daisy never feared. She had a plan.  She reached and grabbed him by the wrist and made him dance the twist with her.  "Now Darkness comes in every night to dance and laugh and play" until is time to say good night and he lays Daisy down to bed.
   Darkness Slipped In is a beautifully designed bedtime story.  The contrast between the bright pinks of Daisy's room and the slick blacks of Darkness are striking.  Daisy's ability to disarm the Darkness and control her fears are a powerful example for all kids afraid of "lights out" time.  The book's rhymes flow with ease making it a very enjoyable read aloud.  Darkness' characterization and illustration is never scary and its shiny appearance and smooth texture is quite appealing.  Daisy is adorable. This is a wonderful book to share before bedtime.

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