Sep 6, 2011

I Am Too Absolutely Small for School

I Am Too Absolutely Small for School (Charlie and Lola)

I Am Too Absolutely Small for School (Charlie and Lola) by Lauren Child

     Charlie has a little sister, Lola.  She's almost big enough to go to school, but Lola doesn't think so. "I am absolutely not Big. I am still quite small."  Charlie tries to convince her, to explain to her all the things she'll learn when she goes to school: she'll learn to count, read and write.  Lola always comes up with counter arguments, like not needing to learn how to write because she likes to talk on the telephone..."It's more friendly and straightaway."  Or not wanting to learn how to read because she has all her books memorized and if she can't remember them, she "can just make them up."  Lola was really worried that  she wouldn't have any friends at school. But Charlie finally convinces Lola by telling her that Soren Lorensen (Lola's invisible friend) will be going to school too.  Worried that her friend Soren would be too nervous to be alone, Lola decides that she will go to school to make sure he's OK and keep him company.
     The reason why I love I Am Too Absolutely Small for School (Charlie and Lola) and all the other books in the Charlie and Lola series is because of the relationship between the two siblings.  There's no competition between Charlie and Lola.  Charlie is loving and understanding; a great big brother.  Lola is funny and clever.  The Illustrations and the way the text is presented (curving, spiraling and spreading out all over the pages) makes it a lot of fun to read and share.  I really like the way Lola's invisible friend comes alive in the pages as a see-through character.  Great book to share at home and as a first day of school read aloud.

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