Sep 29, 2011

The Problem with Chickens

The Problem with Chickens by Bruce McMillan
Illustrated by Gunnella

     In this humorous tale set in small village in Iceland, a group of women bring chickens from the city so they can lay eggs.  The chickens lay tons of eggs at first but then they "forgot they were chickens" and "started acting like the ladies."  Whatever the ladies did, the chickens copied: from picking blueberries and singing to the sheep, to gardening and dancing.  The ladies come up with a singular plan, and eventually solve the problem with the chickens and are able once again to have as many eggs as they need -with the new added benefit of having chickens so strong, they can carry the women all the way to the city.
     The Problem with Chickens is a fantastic read aloud.  The text is concise but never choppy and the illustrations by Gunnella are joyous.  This one will stick in readers minds long after their first read.

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