Oct 6, 2011

Cuddle Up, Goodnight

Cuddle Up, Goodnight by Katie Cleminson

     From the time he's woken up by a loving elephant, til the time he's put to bed, Cuddle Up, Goodnight follows a young boy as he enjoys a day full of routines and activities always accompanied by different animal friends. He stretches with a cat, brushes his teeth with a hippo, gets dressed and heads to school.  There, he listens to a bear reading stories, paints with a dog, practices the violin with an octopus, plays hide a seek with a lemur, and eats with a lion.  As the day ends, the boy picks a book to read aloud to his animal friends, until it's time to cuddle up and "say goodnight, yawn and stretch, close your eyes, sleep and rest..." 
     Cuddle Up, Goodnight is written in simple rhyme text, with the repetition of the phrase "It's time to..."  It's cast of animal characters and the funny situations they are placed in (like a hippo slurping spaghetti) will delight young children.  The illustrations are sweet and entertaining.  Good bedtime book.  

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