Oct 17, 2011


Dot by Patricia Intriago

     A simple dot is presented in most interesting and visually appealing ways in Dot.  Intriago, a graphic designer, rhymes a text full of opposites and cleverly funny turns.  "This dot is happy. This dot is sad. This dot tastes yummy. This dot tastes bad."  I could describe the images that accompany each of those statements, but I wouldn't want to take the pleasure away from you of seeing them first hand.  Sometimes the dots are black, sometimes thay have little hints of color.  Sometimes the dots are on the photograph of a dalmatian ("Got dots") or completely absent as in the photo of a zebra ("Not dots").  And, my favorite, sometimes a hand shows up on the page just to show us the difference between a hard dot and a soft dot.
     Dot is on of those books that adults and children will both love.  Its magic lies on the beautiful clean design that Intriago has created, together with a clever text.  Just plain cool.


  1. Thank you for your very cool review of Dot! Glad you liked it.

  2. I really enjoyed it Patricia! I brought it to my school and shared it with a bunch of picture book fans.