Oct 27, 2011

Pirate vs. Pirate

Pirate vs. Pirate by Mary Quattlebaum
Illustrated by Alexandra Boiger

     Bad Bart was the biggest, burliest pirate in the Atlantic.  Mean Mo was the maddest, mightiest pirate in the Pacific. Bad Bart wondered if he was the burliest in the world.  Mean Mo wondered if she was the mightiest in the world.  Both pirates decided to set sail find out and, since the world is round, they met in the middle. Their first encounter wasn't pretty:

"Ahoy and avast!" roared Bad Bart. "Swing aside and let me pass."
Swing yerself, ye scurvy dog!' Mean Mo roared right back."

     And the insults started flying: Deck swabber. Grog swiller. Landlubber. Bilge rat. Sea skunk. Gentleman. Lady.
     Their crews decided that they needed to figure out who was the burliest and mightiest by competing head to head. They swam, hurl cannon balls, climbed, and arm wrestled.  But at the end of each contest the result was always the same: a tie.  Their final head to head, counting their treasure, reveals to them how much they have in common.
     Pirate vs. Pirate is a delightfully entertaining love story.  Using pirate lingo and gorgeous illustrations Quattlebaum and Boiger take us on a great high seas adventure.  I loved finding a female pirate who could go head to head with Bad Bart!  It's a fun read aloud that will give you the opportunity to practice your best pirate accent and will entertain pirate and non-pirate fans alike.

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