Nov 11, 2011

Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime

Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime by Myra Wolfe
Illustrated by Maria Monescillo

     "Charlotte Jane the Hearty came howling into the world." Her pirate parents knew there was something quite special about her, she had 'formidable oomph." The little pirate's first words were en garde! She loved swashbuckling sessions, treasure hunts and "Fantastic Feasts of Daring" (like going down the slide head first). The one thing the young pirate didn't like was going to bed. She fought her sleep every night, until one dark night she didn't go to bed at all. That morning she climbed out her window, and with sleepy eyes, she whispered "Victory!" The rest of the day she dragged around, too tire to fight with her sword, or look for treasure. Her parents were worried and Charlotte Jane confessed: "My oomph's weighed anchor." They looked everywhere for the little pirate's oomph. But they didn't find it anywhere. Charlotte looked at her bed and thought that sleep was for landlubbers, but dreams...That night Charlotte had wonderful pirate dreams and woke up full of oomph. "It was time to shiver some timbers."
     Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime is a charming and clever swashbuckling bedtime story. It offers a refreshing twist on the pirate books, showing us a delightful pirate family. The illustrations by Monescillo are beautiful, bright and cheery. I loved the pirates home, with a balcony that emulates the front of a pirate ship. A great book for feisty pirate girls.

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