Nov 15, 2011

Fall Mixed Up

Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka
Illustrated by Chad Cameron

     In the Fall Mixed Up world, pumpkins turn red and apples turn orange, bears climb trees looking for nuts, while the geese cuddle underground and hibernate; the squirrels tie balloons around their waists so they can fly south; scarecrows watch over fields of candy corn sprouts; and "kids leap in great heaping piles of sticks.  You sit by bonfire to cool off and eat delicious caramel pumpkins.  You trick or treat for chicken drumsticks and give thanks for sweets.
     Fall Mixed Up will have kids looking at you wondering if you have noticed that everything is kind of, well, mixed up.  The illustrations are a beautiful compliment to the hilarity of the situations.  Great read aloud that offers a great chance for a text innovation activity, where students can create their own Mixed Up versions of the different seasons.  Delightful book to include in the autumn classroom and home libraries.


  1. I just got this one myself, and my immediate thought was how great it would be as a read aloud. Just fun!

  2. My son thinks the book is hilarious and keeps coming up with new ideas of things that should have been in it :)