Dec 15, 2011

The Christmas Boot

The Christmas Boot by Lisa Wheeler
Illustrated by Michael Glenn Monroe
Published by Mitten Press

     Miss Hannah Greyweather walked through the forest on Christmas morning gathering kindling wood. As usual, she was all by herself, "she chatted to the forest, she talked to the mountains, but mostly she spoke to herself." On her way back to her ramshackle cabin she found a black boot.  She had her hands full so she just "slipped her rag-wrapped right foot deep within it." The boot magically took the shape and size of her foot.  That night she went to sleep only wishing she had the other boot. When she woke up, the pair was complete.  As she wishes for different things that keep coming true, Hannah keeps wondering who the magical boot belongs to.  When a round man with a white beard shows up at her doorstep, she welcomes him in and realizes she has found the true owner.
     The Christmas Boot is a sweet, sentimental story.  I did find the ending a bit sad -getting a new puppy but still living alone in a run down home wasn't the kind of happy ending you expect after dinner with Santa.  Nice read aloud for the older elementary grades.

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