Dec 13, 2011

Little Owl Lost

Little Owl Lost by Chris Haughton
Illustrated by Chris Haughton
Published by Candlewick Press

     Owls are trendy, or so I've heard. They're supposed to be the new chicken or something like that. So here I have my first owl book, Little Owl Lost.  And...yes, this little owl is very, very likable.
     Little owl and his mom are perched atop a tree, eyes closed, sleeping.  Little owl starts leaning over the edge and before he can react, he falls off.

As he bounces all the way down to the ground (in a scene that gave me some Angry Bird flashbacks), little owl realizes he doesn't know where his mother is and he's lost. A squirrel who saw him fall comes to his help, as a bear, a rabbit, and a frog, observe in the background.  "Don't worry, little friend. I'll find your mommy. What does she look like?" Little Owl describes his mom as big so the squirrel takes him to the bear. He then describes his mother's pointy ears, so squirrel takes him to the rabbit. He tells him about his mom's big eyes, so squirrel takes him to the frog. Thankfully frog knows where to find little owl's mommy.  Mother owl, squirrel, frog and little owl get together to celebrate atop the tree, and as little owl closes his eyes again, he starts to lean over the edge...
     Little Owl reminds you of the classic Are You My Mother? but with a more contemporary touch given by its digital media illustrations and it's short simple dialogue.  It's funny and young readers will connect to little owl and his search for mommy.  Sweet read aloud for the lower grades and to set up as a mini readers' theater.

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