Dec 8, 2011

Santa Duck and His Merry Helpers

Santa Duck and His Merry Helpers by David Milgrin
Illustrated by David Milgrin
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile

     Santa Duck is back.  Nicholas has embraced his job as Santa's helper.  This time around he has to deal with his pesky three little siblings.  They want to help Nicholas but they keep driving him crazy.  They are promising outrageous gifts to all the animals, like the Hoover Dam to the beaver and 50 bottles of perfume to the skunk.  Nicholas tries to explain to his siblings the true meaning of Christmas and along the way they teach him a lesson too.
     Santa Duck and His Merry Helpers is an entertaining read aloud.  The cartoon like illustrations and dialogue bubbles will appeal to the youngest readers.  Don't be afraid to sing along with Nicholas and his siblings as you read it aloud.

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