Dec 1, 2011

Santa Duck

Santa Duck by David Milgrim
Illustrated by David Milgrim
Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons

     Nicholas Duck has only one day left to find Santa and let him know what he wants for Christmas before it ends up being "another year of socks and underwear." As he heads out the door he finds a wrapped box at his doorstep. Inside the box there is a red coat and an "official Santa hat!"  Singing Jingle Quack all the way, he looks for Santa, but instead of the big man, he runs into other animals who don't waste a second to start sharing with him all the things they want for Christmas.  After all, he looks like Santa Duck!  Fed up with all the animals never ending requests, he runs and runs until he runs into Santa himself.  Santa Duck shares with Santa all the animals' lists and the big man is thankful and impressed with the duck's keen memory.  Too bad he forgot to share his own list.  But maybe being Santa's helper is gift enough.
     Santa Duck is a blast.  The cartoon illustrations by Milgrim are whimsical and joyful.  The dialogue bubbles that accompany the illustrations, add to the personality of each character and offer plenty of funny exchanges (love to see a duck say "Whoa baby!" and "Has everyone gone bonkers?").  This is a fantastic read aloud for the home and the classroom.  So glad to find this one to add to my holiday shelf. 

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