Jan 9, 2012

How to Catch a Star

How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers
Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers
Published by Philomel Books

     "Once there was a boy and the boy loved stars very much." He watched outside his window and wished of having a star of his own. He would imagine all the things they would do together, like play hide-and-seek and take long walks along the beach. So he decided he would catch a star. He figured if he tried early in the morning it would be best "because then the star would be tired from being up in the sky all night." But he couldn't find one. He waited and waited and when a stars finally came out, he couldn't reach it, no matter how hard he tried. He saw one floating in the ocean, "the prettiest star he had ever seen!" but every time he tried to touch it, "it just rippled through his fingers."  Walking sadly along the beach he knew he wouldn't give up and then "he saw it...washed up on the bright golden sand." "A star of his very own."
     How to Catch a Star was Oliver Jeffers first picture book.  It already has that illustration style that has become so recognizable.  The illustrations are beautiful, filled with night blues and sunrise/sunset oranges and yellows.  And the story is tender and memorable.  I love the back page where we see the boy sitting on an armchair with the star by his side reading How to Catch a Star (what a cool detail!).  This one fights for my #1 Jeffers picture book along with Lost and Found. Hey, now that I think about it the boys in both books are wearing the same striped t-shirt...our star hunter might be our penguin lover as well. 

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