Jan 5, 2012


Penguin by Polly Dunbar
Illustrated by Polly Dunbar
Published by Candlewick Press

     Ben got a very special present: a penguin. He wanted to play and talk with him, but the penguin just stood there saying nothing. Ben tried everything to get a reaction from the penguin: funny faces, silly dances, tickles, wearing funny clothes and singing silly songs. But penguin said nothing.  Ben eventually got so frustrated he began to whine and scream. A lion was passing by and he got annoyed with all the noise so, as it often happens, he ate Ben (can't help thinking about Sendak's Pierre and his "I don't care").  And the penguin, well, this time he did do something.
     Penguin is delightful, funny and endearing.  The simple and clean illustrations by Polly Dunbar are wonderful, especially all the different facial expressions by Ben and the proportion contrast between Ben and the gigantic blue lion.  At the end, Penguin is a story about friendship; one that starts with a lot of "nothing" and ends with a hero penguin.  Great read aloud for the K-2 crowd and a fun bedtime story.

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