Jan 18, 2012

School for Bandits

School for Bandits by Hannah Shaw
Illustrated by Hannah Shaw
Published by Alfred A. Knopf

     Ralph was very well behaved, with impeccable manners, sweet, and tidy.  Unfortunately for him, that's not what is expected of you when you are a raccoon.  How could he ever become a great raccoon bandit like his Grandpa Cutlass or his Uncle Whiskers? His parents were really worried, so they decided there was only one solution: to send Ralph to Bandit School. With his necktie and peaceful spirit, Ralph didn't fit in at all.  He failed all his classes miserably. He just didn't seem to get the idea, and his teacher Mrs. Mischief scolded him: "Ralph Raccoon! You MUST learn to take things that aren't yours WITHOUT asking.
     At the end of the term, the teacher gave each raccoon a loot bag to fill during the break. Whoever gathered the largest loot, would win the BEST BANDIT IN SCHOOL competition.  Ralph wasn't a bit interested, but when his good deeds around town earn him enough rewards to fill his loot bag, the rest of the raccoons find out that they can learn a thing or two from Ralph.
     School for Bandits is a very witty picture book.  Young readers will love the crazy bandit school and will root for the misunderstood Ralph.  There is plenty of funny details in the illustrations to enjoy during multiple reads. Nice to see a raccoon with a behavior we can stand behind!

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