Jan 27, 2012

When Giants Come to Play

When Giants Come to Play by Andrea Beaty
Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes
Published by Harry N. Abrams

     I dare you to open up When Giants Come to Play, read the first lines and look at the gorgeous illustrations by Hawkes and not fall immediately in love with this book! I know I did.
Sometimes, on a summer morning, when the sun shines just so and the wind blows like this and like that on its way to somewhere else, giants come to play. 
     They come to play with Ana and they do all kinds of things together. The play hide and seek, marbles, catch and even jump rope. "On mild days, they gather flowers in the garden," and enjoy a cup of mint tea and chocolate cake.  Those days when the giants come to play, leave Ana wishing they would just decide to stay.
     When Giants Come to Play is gorgeous.  Andrea Beaty has written a beautiful lyrical prose, that sings to the joys of friendship and imagination.  Hawkes illustrations are captivating, and will make you wish his two giants would come to visit you as well.  One of my favorite illustrations accompanies this text:  "When giants come to play, they dangle their toes in the cool shady pond and whisper secrets until their shadows grow long and sleepy."  Great read loud.


  1. Thanks for this- I love Hawkes, so I'd have found it eventually, but I appreciate the scoop. Wonder how it would pair up with Where the Wild Things Are- great discussions of moods, friends...

  2. Interesting...I hadn't thought about that pair. And yes, I too do love Hawkes!

  3. Just discovered your blog and I love it. Great summaries, do you write them yourself? I plan to come back often!

    1. Hi Jen, thanks and welcome! Yes, I do write all the summaries myself...I hope I'm getting better at it :) Hope to "see" you back here soon!