Feb 6, 2012

Another Brother

Another Brother by Matthew Cordell
Illustrated by Matthew Cordell
Published by Feiwel and Friends

     "For four glorious years, Davy had Mom and Dad all to himself." He had their undivided attention and everything he did brought tears of joy to his parents.  But then Davy got a brother, and another, and another...In fact, Davy ended up having 12 whole brothers. Talk about change! Davy went from being an only child to being one in a baker's dozen.  And being the oldest brother was hard.  Whatever Davy did, his brothers would imitate. Wherever he went, his brothers would follow.  Poor Davy was going bonkers. His parents explained that it was only a phase, that soon, "your brothers will have their own interests" and they would stop copying him.  But when you've gotten used to a crowd following you around and doing everything you do, and then suddenly they stop, well, then you feel... lonely.  If only there could be a new baby at home to emulate Davy again.
     Another Brother is a delightfully funny and tender picture book.  The story of adjusting to a new sibling has been told many times before, but I love the way Cordell focuses on the frustrations of the older sibling being copied.  The illustrations are cartoon like, with plenty of funny details to savor at each page turn.  Wonderful addition to the library of any soon to be older brother/sister.


  1. Thank you, Natalia, for this very kind review! So glad to hear you enjoyed the book.

    1. You're quite welcome Matthew. Lovely book! Congrats :)