Mar 20, 2011

Chicken Cheeks

Chicken Cheeks

Chicken Cheeks by Michael Ian Black
Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes

     Let me start by saying that my soon to be 4 year-old son is totally obsessed with the word "booty" (and unfortunately, he's not talking about the pirate kind).  To him everybody is a booty-head and every funny sentence must be closed with the word "booty."  So in his honor, I guess, I'm including Chicken Cheeks.
     In Chicken Cheeks, a group of animals climb on top of each other to reach a beehive brimming with honey.  Ian Black finds a thousand ways of referring to all the different animal's booties in a very clever way.  Funny book to read aloud and share with all the booty-heads out there!
     On a side note, I've joined the Read Around the World Challenge.  The challenge is to read books from all over the world.  I've decide to try to reach the Marco Polo Level (Read 35 or more books by authors from countries on 4 or more different continents). I can't wait to get started:

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