Mar 21, 2011

Waking Up Wendell

Waking Up Wendell by April Stevens
Illustrated by Tad Hills

     "Early in the morning, a little bird at #1 Fish Street hops out of her nest, takes a deep breath, and begins to sing a very loud and whistley song. TWEET-TWEET-TA-TA-TA-TWEET..." And so it begins, a chain reaction that takes us past every house down Fish Street, waking each neighbor and pet in a row with all kids of sounds.
    Walking Up Wendell is a fun story to teach sequence of events, cause and effect, numbers (the house numbers are also listed in order), and onomatopoeia (all the different noises that wake each character up).  Its illustrations are cheery and bright like the morning on Fish Street.  The story will keep kids guessing who will wake up next.

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