Mar 8, 2011

Lom and the Gnatters (Lom y los nudones)

Lom and the Gnatters
Lom and the Gnatters by Kurusa
Lom y los nudones/ Lom and the Gnatters (Spanish Edition)
Illustrated by Isabel Ferrer

     Lom the lion never, ever, brushes his mane.  It is so tangled and dirty now that a family of noisy Gnatters have moved in and are even thinking about inviting their cousins the Fleazies.  Lom's head is itching so much is driving him crazy! When a bird recommends he brush his mane, Lom refuses but eventually has to cut his beautiful red mane.  His new hair style brings along a new friend.
   I came across this book by luck and didn't know until I read the author's bio, that the book was originally written in Spanish by a Venezuelan writer from my hometown of Caracas!  It's a great book to show kids the importance of brushing their hair (we know how reluctant some kids are to hair brushing).

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