Mar 11, 2011

The Lost Thing

Lost Thing

Lost Thing by Shaun Tan
Illustrated by Shaun Tan
Ages 9+

     The Lost Thing is one of those books that you just know, as soon as you read it, you want to own it and look at it again and again.  Shaun Tan's illustrations are mesmerizing -he just received the Oscar for his short of the same title based on this book.
     A kid is walking alone, looking for bottle tops for his collection, when he spots the "thing".  The "thing" is an over-sized red machine-creature that nobody seems to notice -not even his parents after he brings it into their living room.  The boy and the machine embark on a quest to find a place where the "thing" can fit in.  It is "A tale for those who have more important things to pay attention to".  Amazing book!

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