Apr 15, 2011



Chowder by Peter Brown
Illustrated by Peter Brown

     So I guess at this point in my blogging "career" (48 continuous days blogging...not that I'm counting or anything!) I have to confess that I have become a Peter Brown fan.  He's going to be in downtown Manhattan this weekend at a beautiful bookstore called Books of Wonder. I'm really bummed because I won't be able to make it in to see him since we have tickets to see my four-year old's favorite musician, Dan Zanes (who I also love).   But anyways, back to the books... Chowder is the hilarious and  story of a dog who never quite fit in. "His owners liked to think of him as quirky, but most people thought he was just plain weird."  Chowder just doesn't do the normal dog things; he stops to smell the flowers, listens to music with headphones and surfs the web. But his favorite thing to do is to hang out in the balcony looking through his owner's telescope.
     While using the telescope, Chowder discovers that a new petting zoo has open and decides to go make some new friends.  Chowder shows us how you can be who you are, be complete happy, and find true friends.  The story is really endearing and the illustrations are just awesome -it's hard to come up with a better adjective.  You'll know what I mean, once you see them. And while you're at it, check out any of Peter Brown's other books, especially The Curious Garden, perfect for the upcoming Earth Day celebration.

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