Apr 12, 2011

Jitterbug Jam: A Monster Tale

Jitterbug Jam (New York Times Best Illustrated Books (Awards))

Jitterbug Jam by Barbara Jean Hicks
Illustrated by Alexis Deacon

     I love books that tell a familiar story from a surprising point of view.  Jitterbug Jam is one of those books.  The familiar story of the kid fighting his fears of a monster hiding in the closet or under his bed, is given a fresh twist when we hear the tale told by a little monster named Bobo.  Bobo is really frightened by a boy with  pink skin, orange fur on his head, and blue eyes.  The boy has been waking Bobo up in the middle of the day (that's when monsters sleep) and is hiding under Bobo's bed.  After Bobo shares his fears with his grandpa Boo-dad, he knows the way to confront the boy.  He will "flash him a great big toothy grin."
     My son immediately connected with Bobo and his fears.  The language and rhythm of the story is musical and childlike at the same time.  And flows beautifully; you can really hear the characters. The illustrations by Deacon are simply fantastic and timeless.  I loved this book!

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