Apr 11, 2011

Say Hello to Zorro!

Say Hello to Zorro!

Say Hello to Zorro! by Carter Goodrich
Illustrated by Carter Goodrich

     Mister Bud runs his house. He has it all down pat, everyone follows his schedule: eating time, walk time, sleep time, greeting time.  But then, one day, as he's ready by the door to greet his owner, he comes face to face with Zorro.  And Zorro has come to stay!  Zorro is bossy and Mister Bud is cranky...not a good mix.  But when they discover they have the same schedule, they get over their differences and a beautiful friendship is born.
     Dog lovers will adore this story.  It's funny, sweet, and will remind us of  many Zorros and Mr.Buds.  I particularly enjoyed seeing how Zorro and Mr.Bud's lives are richer and happier by having each other.  The illustrations really add to the personality of the dogs.  Both characters are memorable and I can see many more adventures to come.

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