May 2, 2011

Bark, George

Bark, George

Bark, George by Jules Feiffer
Illustrated by Jules Feiffer

     George's mom asks him to bark but he meows.  She asks again but he quacks.  He also sounds oinks and moos!  His mom gets so frustrated, she finally takes him to the vet.  What happens during the visit to the vet is unexpected ...and I don't want to ruin the surprise.
     Bark, George is a perfect book.  The rhythm of the story, the way it leads itself to great partner reads and read-alouds, the simple but full of expression drawings, the repetition and circular pattern of the text,  it's all there and it is flawless.  The faces George's mom makes are priceless and will have all mothers laughing.  Bark, George will make you come back again and again.         

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