May 3, 2011

The Rooster Prince of Breslov

The Rooster Prince of Breslov

The Rooster Prince of Breslov by Ann Redisch Stampler
Illustrated by Eugene Yelchin

     The young prince of Breslov has everything he's ever wanted and more.  One day, during a lavish lunch, the spoiled prince snaps and starts acting like a rooster. He sheds his clothes and  refuses to act like a human, clucking and pecking all over the palace.  The Queen and King call all doctors and sorcerers to come and try to help their boy, but they all fail.  Until an old man comes by and asks to spend a week with the prince. Day by day, the old man is able to connect with the young prince until he finally starts acting human again.
     The Rooster Prince of Breslov is a variation of an old Yiddish folktale.  Behind the silliness of the prince acting like a chicken, there's a boy in need of a teacher.  The old wise man, comes to him and becomes just that.  The old man breaks down the prince's barriers and teaches him true compassion and values that will make him a worthy future king.  The illustrations have a classic old world feeling about them, which are a perfect match with the old Yiddish folktale.  This is a great book to have read on National Teacher Appreciation Day. Thank a teacher!

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